Welcome to Play for Play.

Now, pay-for-play has hit online radio. Fresh, a music streaming service which claims 1973 monthly listeners, is selling paid placement to labels and artists through a program it
launched called Submit. For as little as £19.99, a band or Solo Artist can buy 1,000 plays on Fresh.

Each song has links to buy there song, on the Artist’s chosen platform. iTunes,
Amazon, SoundCloud etc.

This fantastic opportunity for all artists, also has the option to have there picture added to the Gallery as well as Promotion & Marketing of the single or album on the Radio’s website and Social links.

In addition to being more targeted, Fresh offers a feedback loop which does not exists on
regular radio. Listeners can request to block songs from ever playing again, with reason that can be rejected, they can give a positive star rating. Any Airplay song which garners 50 positive ratings gets pushed into regular rotation free of charge. In fact, a drop-down window encourages listeners to rate each Airplay song though submit.

With this Designed correctly, there is a place for paid promotion in music, despite what the
some might think.

You be given given a contract and regular updates on your stared rating.

Your 1000 Plays will be streamed over 2 months. 126 plays per week
1000Plays£19.99 + 8 plays for free